Research, UX / UI work for Grownout

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Research, UX / UI work for Grownout

Grownout provides social referral hiring platform to its client. The basic business concept was explained by Sumit and Harsimran to us, as they wanted to enhance the overall user experience and wanted to make it more appealing for the users.


We started with our User Research & Interviews, by which we were able to understand the current market scenarios and user needs. At the same time, we also did Usability of the existing product to see where the users are facing difficulties and focus is required. After doing interviews, we created Personas as per the user’s need, problems, and suggestions. The business stakeholders finalised their targeted users on the basis of which, the Process Flow and Task Flow was designed.

Post Low- fidelity prototype is created with the help of pencil, paper, and later on with the help of Balsmiq software. In all these processes business stakeholders got involved each time when business decisions are required to take.

When Stakeholders were confident that the new mock-ups designs are achieving all business objectives, we again did the Usability for the same product with new designed mockup. This is done to know the ease and comfortability of the user with the new design. Finalising all mockups with few iterations after usability, Visuals Designs came into play. Finishing the visuals we handed over the final designs to the Grownout.


Process flow

Process Flow









Low-fidelity Mockups

Low-fidelity Mockups

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

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Visual Design