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UX/UI for Agent Dashboard at Travel Triangle

TravelTriangle provides such platform which allows a traveler to connect with the different travel agent’s. The business stakeholders wanted to revamp the Agent’s Dashboard (one of the user of platform), so that agents can have ease of working on the platform.

For this task we decided to start our process from research. With the initial research, we prepared some set of open ended questions for different user groups for interviews and online questionnaire  to be floated among users. By doing Ethnography & Interviews of different user groups that involved Agents and TravelTriangle’s teams (Ops, account and b2b teams).

On this basis of Ethnography & interview’s  analysis we created Personas for each users group. Three type of personas created for each set of user group. After Persona, we were able to find out the design opportunities for the current system and based on the scenarios Process Flow and Task flows were designed.

After task flow now it was the time to create Mockups(Low- fidelity prototype) with the help of Axure software. Later the mock-up is tested and Usability is done with their current users. Finally the mockups(prototype) converted into Visual Designs with the help of visual designers. At every stage, we discuss every possible design solution with the business stakeholders to make a better decision.


Interview Questions

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Process Flow


Combine Process Flow

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Task Flow




















Usability Testing