• Observing People

    We have to understand the user how they think, how do they work and what kind of difficulties they face.
    We do this by following processes :
    1. Interviews
    2. Questionnaire
    3. Persona Creation etc.

  • User's Mental Model

    After observing people, an effective approach is to understand user's mental model.

  • Develop Insights and Framework

    After understanding user's mental model, we can create framework. In which we can see how each stockholders are interacting through system.

  • Design Opportunities (Features listing)

    As a designer, we have to see all possible features, how the different idealizations can fit into a particular scenario and which feature is more important as per user's need.

  • Ground them into prototype

    With the aim of achieving a natural and intuitive use of the design it is very important to put the insight into tangible form.

  • Usability Testing

    Usability is also a key to create a natural interaction. Usability testing can be done on Low, Mid and High prototypes.

  • Visual Design

    Visual design gives the feel & impact to any product, also helps user to get connected with the product.

Our Clients


Our Services


Branding and Customer Experience

We design customer experience parameters so that it not only creates a Brand but also creates moments and values to remember and provide opportunities to connect with the user. Our goal is to make customer easy to connect with the product and have the best experience.

User Researcher

To make user experience a memorable one UX/UI designers have to think as user, as this makes design which not only consists the business ideology but also the look and feel. Under user research designer has to know what is trending in between user of business along with the competitor analysis. For this we use various research methods like personal interview with open ended questions, questionnaire, competitive analysis, shadowing, ethnography, day in a life, focus group etc.

Interaction Design

Interface design (Interaction Design) consists of methodologies like process flow, task flow, mock-ups, wireframing etc. Based on some scenarios we design a task to match the user's mental model in the system. It helps in building a proper ecosystem and communication among the stakeholders. A low fidelity wireframe consist the gist of screen which is done on a paper. This helps in an early usability test of the system. Mid fidelity wireframe is generated with the prototypes. This gives a visual feel of the screen interaction which is being done by visual designers at Experiential Service Design Studio.


In Usability Testing, we take a small-set of targeted end-users, with or without a software which depends on client's requirement to expose a usability issues for better use. The testing mainly focuses on the user’s-ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls and ability of the system to meet its objectives.

Visual Design

Visual is the end product of the design which appeals users towards the business goal. Also to meet the business goal we provide complete visual hierarchy with the help of the visual graphics.

Application Design

The App design consists mass user approach which defines business need along with the user perspective towards the design of the product. We design applications for devices like Mobile, Tab, iPad etc having Android OS, iOS & Windows as Operating System.


"Experiential service design studio delivered the quality work as committed. They have quickly understood my requirements and come-up with awesome solution. In-fact they have given us multiple solutions and suggested  the best one leaving the decision to us. This approach delivered us a lot of value.
I will look forward to work with them in future."

Kishore Reddy Co Founder & CEO at Unanth Technologies Pte Ltd