Experiential Service Design Studio designs products and services by experiencing the user’s needs.

Experiential Service Design Studio is located in Stamford CT USA, New Delhi, and Bhopal India. We are a multidisciplinary design studio that provides rich & relevant user experience designs to our clients for Service Design, Experiential Design, UX, Interface and Interaction design, System Thinking, Strategic Design Management, etc.

Our main aim is not only to meet the product requirements but also to provide the user’s emotions and memories. Our team members are expertise in different areas that allows us to work with multidisciplinary approaches to achieve innovative outcomes. We also offer strategic addictive designs that encourage user’s loyalty towards the products. Our design thinkers work on innovative ideas to serve products as well as an individual’s experiential needs. Which enables our clients to have a competitive edge in their business. To grow the business one need to keep eyes on the user’s growing requirement & expectations. Our experts are dedicated to achieving these desired goals for designing the product in a better way.

Our Value:

We Believe in right reason with the real reason

Right Reason -> Logic

Real Reason   -> Emotion


We create relations

“We bring brands to individual’s life by creating experiences. We believe in what we do and at the same time, we believe what our customer wants. This ideology keeps us in line to provide a wide range of solutions to customers which suits them best.”


Our Work Dimensions & Capabilities

We work with a multidisciplinary perspective we not only place product requirements but along with it we also represent user’s emotions and memories. Our design team works on innovative ideas to serve products as well as the individual’s experiential needs. Through research our team has benefited the business through information like user’s perceptions, how the user feels or thinks about a system, helps the business in targeting user and advise changes which are required to improve in business.

UX research provides the required content, features, user behavior, design opportunities, suggestion, and inspiration for a system. This is how it helps in building a user base for a business. Combination of Different perception bridges the gap between what business is offering and what customer needs.

We provide refined and precise quality by observing users. So that the product which users have must keep them engaged and have the best of experience while interacting. We work with the philosophy and guidelines of technology to create better, clear, and responsive designs.


As UX-UI designers we design solutions and experiences for end consumers. Our team provides the best & unique solution to every customer’s problem by analyzing and understanding the user’s/individual’s needs. As designers, we believe that every problem has some creative solution



Drop your burden of thinking & take the advantage of our design experts…


User Experience

We understand the User Needs & Requirement with the Design Research. Let people know more about your business – just get connected with the world through a well design site that can solve all the queries of the customers & Create a User Experience with the help of Information Architecture, User Interface, Visual Design,  Web Portal, Mobile Applications, iPhone & Android Applications.….


Web Site Design

Expand your business let people know more – just get connected with the world through a well design site that can solve all the queries of the customers….

Mobile Applications

iPhone: Reach out to millions of people using the iPhone and expand the horizon of your business and services. iPad: Consumer wants a design that makes their search easier and saves time on everyday tasks. We design applied parameters that create moments to remember and provide opportunities to connect.

 Branding and Customer Experience

We start with identifying the strength of the company and put that attributes into their brand through a logo, website, visiting cards, and promotional events if required.


We design applied parameters in such ways that create moments to remember and provide opportunities to connect.

Service & Experiential Design

Understands the User Needs & Requirement with the Design Research. Create a better service and customer satisfaction for a better product.


In Usability Testing, we take a small-set of targeted end-users, with or without software which depends on the client’s requirement to expose usability issues for better use. This testing mainly focuses on the user’s-ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls, and the ability of the system to meet its objectives.


Service Design

A company must demonstrate a level beyond rationality, that of care and respect for its customers. It should foster a continuous dynamic and innovative methods to surprise and delight customers.

How does a company achieve such ambitious targets? The answer is a service. As the name suggests, a service is meant to serve. By serving the customers, a company builds relationships with them.

 “Service defines the relationship between a company and its customers”

 Relationships are built through the chain of interactions between the company and its customers. Every interaction is an opportunity and when designed right, they deliver many-fold benefits. Services show how a company cares about its customer. Service is a major enabler of customer loyalty. Services strive to build relationships by delivering consistent and meaningful experiences. A service experience should be flawless without customers being exposed to the efforts gone behind such an experience. Services should be delivered with magical invisibility.

When a retailer provides a mother’s care station on its premises for its customers, it sends a message that they care. When a restaurant waiter understands the difficulty of a customer when the customer spoils his white shirt with juice and helps arrange for another shirt in time for a meeting, shows that the restaurant has enabled him to carry out such thoughtful tasks and wins a raving advocate in the customer. A hospital, when decorates its ceilings so that their bedridden patient’s visual senses are entertained, shows the extra mile that it is willing to go to comfort its customers. These are all examples of thoughtful services and winners of customer loyalty.

At a very coarse level, services are provided by companies to its customers, but if we look with finer lenses, everybody provides some form of service to everyone else.  As services play out during interactions, and all these interactions make the world go around, won’t it be right to say that better services will make a better world?