Monitoring System


The Research aim was to demonstrate the remote use of wireless patient monitoring systems and to present new alternative user interfaces to doctors. We looked at possibilities for patient monitoring with the help of wearable and wireless technology. The purpose was to find solutions and recommendations for the utilization of wearable and wireless technology.



The patient monitors are a new generation of innovative, rugged devices which have found tremendous usage in hospitals, clinics and even in the residence of patients.



A Patient wears and use a sensor with wireless technology which can use to transfer the data on to the remote server. The device is well equipped with sensors, camera, voice enabled technology, wireless system, etc. A remote system is used to measurement the required data from the patient. The measured data is transmitted to the doctor. As per the data the doctor recommends the medicine and first aid and also inform to the medical personnel for further action.


The medical electronics system makes the existing paths and collaborations, the greater its integration into the health care system. This gives the significant benefits. Some of the benefits include:

The device has the ability to contact the nearest doctor with a click.

The doctor can see the detailed documentation through patient’s history and recommend him something for emergency.


Integration was higher for RPM system, were patient can send message to the doctor about their conditions and to health care professionals. In the majority cases, this is primary care. This device is used to look after the patient who is discharged and ideally monitored by the consultant. The secondary role is to look after the patient who need special treatment, and regular long term management should be carried out by primary care.