Be Healthy – Future in Health & Social Care

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Be Healthy – A Health Initiative 

Experiential Service Design Studio is working on a product – A solution to live a healthy life.

In our busy lifestyle, we are always reluctant and unmotivated about our health and fitness.

Today options are many, but scattered. There is obvious lack of knowledge about what is the right fitness solution for every individual. Our service will help in not only suggesting, but also facilitating the recommendations.

Our plan is to help people in obtaining good health & fitness in their daily life.

We will create an ecosystem of only certified and relevant services leading to good living. We wish to create a network of doctors, dieticians, caterers, gymnasiums, health clubs, swimming pools, yoga centers, wellness centers, spas, laughter clubs etc. and provide packages across all these domains to people, so that availability of the right healthcare & fitness options is no more a problem.

We want to design an ecosystem that will scale with time, and with the number of service providers and customers. Our idea is to actively get involved in conveying the benefits of good health.

General assumption says that Indians known as food loving people worldwide and have food habits that can make them unhealthy. We Indians found various reasons to have rich high calorie food in our daily life by the name of festivals or social gatherings.

Be Healthy is the solution specially design to keep mind in Indian people, here you can find all direct, indirect motivation factors that can lead you to a Healthy life style. Along with all the local health care facility you can find friends and other people using the same facility to form a group.